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Let’s talk about how to make money online whether you want to start a side hustle business or turn it into a full time job. We’ll go through 7 ways and ideas to make more money online that involve minimal to no startup costs and can be done from home or anywhere around the world; from freelancing, writing, to dropshipping or renting things out.

There are so many ways to made more income online. These options are more active effort, so not really passive income, however they can be incredible rewarding and profitable given your own circumstances and talents. I’ll review the pros and cons of each so you can be informed.

Freelance – Sell your skill on a contract basis. From editing, to coding, to bookkeeping, the possibilities are endless as long as you have the skills. If you don’t have a skill, you could learn one and use freelancing as a way to progress your career in a different direction.

Writing – Content and the written word will never go away, in fact it’s thriving. Find a niche and you can promote yourself to write from anything from blogs, to articles, to even copywriting.

Tutoring/Teaching – If you are an expert at something or knowledgeable at something, often times people will pay you to teach them. You could sell a class, or if you enjoy the art of teaching, you could get an ongoing tutoring gig to be able to teach long term.

Sell Your Stuff – If you have things you want to get rid of but are in good condition, you could try selling them for a profit. This would be a short term answer as there is only so much stuff you own and could sell.

Make and Sell Products – You can sell goods, whether that be a product you developed or a craft. If you have a passion for something you make and want to sell it, you can.

Dropshipping – Buy products and sell them in a virtual storefront at an up-charge without ever physically touching the actual products. This has become popular thanks to Shopify and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). With enough scale you can make a good profit, but you need to stay with trends and be wary of regulations and bad reviews.

Rent Things Out – Rather then sell things, you can pretty much rent out anything you own. From cars, rooms, tools, to even farmland. The nice thing about this is you can keep making money on something and retain ownership. A popular option is renting out a room or house with AirBnb.

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