4% dip in Indias weekly Covid cases as NE numbers decline

Weekly Covid-19 cases in India fell by 4% after having registered a 7.5% spike last week, mainly due to a steep decline in cases in several northeastern states.

India recorded over 2.74 lakh cases during the week ended Sunday (August 2-8), registering a 4.2% decline from the previous week, when the case count was 2.86 lakh. That week (July 26-August 1), fresh cases in the country had risen for the first time in 12 weeks on the back of a 27% surge in Kerala and smaller increases in Karnataka and a few states in the northeast.

In the current week, Kerala cases showed signs of plateauing, with a marginal 1% increase over the previous week. In absolute numbers, the state reported more than 1.41 lakh cases, its highest weekly count since the last week of May. Kerala accounted for more than 51% of all new cases reported during the week.

Tamil Nadu, where cases have been rising marginally for the past 10 days, logged a weekly spike of 5% while Andhra Pradesh recorded an increase of 1%. With this, all southern states, with the exception of Telangana, have recorded a spike in infections either this week or the last.

Meanwhile, deaths during the week fell to 3,540, the lowest weekly toll in the country since the beginning of April. This was a dip of 7% from the previous week’s toll of 3,805.

The drop in the weekly cases was mainly because of a sharp decline in fresh infections in the northeast, with Sikkim reporting a fall of 43%, Tripura 32%, Arunachal Pradesh 26%, Manipur 25% and Mizoram 22%. Cases had been rising in several of these states till last week.