Exposing The Truth About The Shopify Dropshipping Side Hustle…

Today I Expose The Truth About my Shopify Dropshipping Business & Why I Quit… – Enjoy!
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Honestly i can see why dropshipping is so popular and my aim isn’t to bash it. I just want to share some of the problems I’ve faced, and also in my opinion, a much better way of doing it!


The thing that makes dropshipping so appealing in the first place is that you don’t have to handle to products yourself, however, this also means that you might unknowingly be sacrificing the quality of the products you are selling.

At the end of the day I know from running multiple businesses that it’s my responsibility to provide my customers with the best quality experience, so I just refunded anyone who wasn’t 100% satisfied with the product, and took the hit.


Another thing to consider is the Shipping times. As most suppliers are based in China, this can mean up to a 90 day wait for your customers. To address this issue I did adapt my website to include the exact shipping estimates so that it wasn’t just left as a mystery.


Now it’s important to note that your biggest advantage over normal businesses is also your biggest problem: your suppliers. I say this as one of the issues I had was the item completely running out of stock. This led to me having to refund orders, and all the money I had spent on advertising effectively going down the drain.


As you can imagine because of these first 3 issues, chargebacks can also be a huge problem. The customer could demand their money back if they don’t think the item is of high enough quality, is taking too long to arrive or he could be just trying to scam you.

The real issue here is that every time a chargeback occurs, the payment provider charges you an additional fee.


The final problem I often hear people talk about is that dropshipping is too saturated, but I don’t agree with this. Dropshipping is just one method of selling a product, saying it’s saturated is a lot like thinking everyone has already purchased, everything that they will ever want.

A problem I would agree with is that lots of people are selling the same products. So drop shipping as a whole can’t be saturated but individual products can.


Finding and marketing a winning product can teach you so many great lessons, firstly you learn which products people want to buy without spending any money upfront, and secondly, you learn some extremely valuable marketing skills, that are transferable to any business in the future.


This gives you far more control over the quality, delivery times and stock levels which just makes everything run much smoother. The other added benefit of buying in bulk is that you are able to create a brand around your products and get even lower prices.


There is actually a guy called Davie Fogarty who launched a similar hoodie dropshipping business with just $500, and by using this strategy he has grown his company to an epic value of $250 million by building his brand ‘Oodie’.

This is the perfect way to beat saturation as people started to want an Ooodie and not just a generic cozy hoodie, because at the end of the day he was the only one that could supply them with that brand because he created it.
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