Top 5 BEST Side Hustles | How to Earn $1,000+ Per Hour

Top 5 BEST Side Hustles | How I Earn $1,000+ Per Hour


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➤ Wealthfront Automated Investing
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➤ Yotta Savings
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➤ Chime Bank
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6) 📈 Robinhood – Investing App – Earn 1 Free Stock when you open an account.


7) 📸🎤💡Camera, Microphone, and Lighting Kit
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#1: Laptop Flipping –
The first side hustle that I have talked about a few times here before on the channel and actually talked about in my very first video is laptop flipping. Now I did recently make an updated video on this topic so if you want an in-depth look at how this works then definitely check out that video but laptop flipping is essentially when you buy a laptop at a low price and sell it at a high price and you get to keep the difference.

#2: Freelancing From Your Phone
The next side hustle is one that takes advantage of modern technology and that’s why I would call this one freelancing from your phone. Now the term freelance is pretty broad but what I’m specifically talking about is using platforms like Instacart, Grubhub, DoorDash, and potentially even Uber and Lyft to start generating some income. Now I want to be clear that unless you are building out some Instacart subcontracted empire, you’re probably not going to scale something like this to make a ton of passive income because most of these things involve actively trading your time for money. That being said, if you hustle you can make a really good amount and you get to work your own hours which is kind of the dream for a lot of people.

#3: Freelancing Your Skills!
The fact is, everyone has natural inclinations and skills that give them a competitive advantage over the average person with that particular thing. And if you’re saying that you don’t have any skills or things that make you unique then I assure you that is not true because just based on the fact that you’re watching this video it means that you care about your personal finances and that is a skill that can add value to someone else’s life. The simple fact is that money is attracted to value, meaning the more value you can provide the more money you can earn.

#4: Helping with Social Media Promotions for Local Businesses
Now I know what you’re thinking that sounds ridiculous and totally over-saturated or impossible but the truth is, a lot of businesses suck at social media. In fact, even the ones that think they know what they’re doing and have all of the necessary social media accounts usually don’t know how to optimize their content for SEO purposes, reach a broader audience, and leverage the powerful tool that is social media in order to grow their business. So if you are well versed on how social media works and you feel that you could add value to a business’s social media presence then this is as simple as sending a can’t email that you can type up in 10 minutes to a bunch of local businesses and see if you get any bites.

#5: YOUTUBE!!! ($1,000 Per Hour)
Now stop before you click off the video…I need you to hear this…Do not tell yourself that you can’t make a YouTube channel. I know you’ve probably heard the story of million times from other creators but I am not kidding when I say that not even two years ago I was sitting in my college dorm room watching videos just like this one feeling like I was constantly jumping from one side hustle to the next and never really getting any traction. And it’s largely because I was so focused on making money that I was blind to the fact that I wasn’t really doing anything that I was passionate about. Fast forward two years and I’m now talking about subjects that I love, reviewing products that I believe in, and it turns out it pays really well too.

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