10 Digital Marketing Side Hustles You Can Start As of Today

In this video, you’ll find 10 digital marketing side hustle ideas you can start working on as of today. These ideas can help you to:
– strengthen your resume
– help you build a portfolio
– make you money
– potentially become your main business

There’s truly an abundance of opportunities out there but because we’re taught to follow more conventional paths, we end up having a limited vision on what else is possible. Let’s take a different perspective!

00:00 Intro
01:02 We have a limited vision around available opportunities
02:33 You’ll takeaway 10 ideas from this video
03:53 Who is your target client?
06:46 What to charge for your services?
08:18 Blogwriting
11:08 Copywriting
11:45 Website Design & Setup
12:46 TikTok Management
14:33 FB Group Management
15:37 Social Media Management
17:12 Youtube SEO
18:02 Online Course Creation
19:39 Email Marketing
21:23 Social Media Videos

GaryVee’s Content Model mentioned in the video: https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/the-garyvee-content-strategy-how-to-grow-and-distribute-your-brands-social-media-content/


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