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1. Revealed: The top-performing product categories on Prime Day 2021 (US). 

op-performing product categories on Prime Day 2021op-performing product categories on Prime Day 2021

2. Vimeo becomes the first video software company to partner with TikTok.

3. TikTok eyes the next stage of live-stream shopping with new live-stream moderation tools.

4. Is Influencer marketing overhyped? Shopify’s entrepreneur-in-residence says no!

5. Google publishes a full breakdown of all available YouTube video ad formats.

6. You can now see how your Math Solvers markup is doing using Google Search Console Performance reports.

7. Three strikes, you’re out: Google’s new ad policy violations pilot

8. Google Ads imposes new surcharges to cover international taxes & fees.

9. Engage shoppers with deal pages in Google Search.

deal pages in Google Searchdeal pages in Google Search

10. We’ve just updated our best-selling products list for inspiration on what to sell/ promote online going into the second half of 2021 and towards 2022.

11. Just launched: Google free deals listings in search results.

12. Instagram to disable interest and activity-based targeting of underage users.

13. DHL small business shipping survey: 45% of business owners would rather divulge private photos and texts than deal with shipping issues.

14. Verishop debuts social shopping experience with Snapchat.

social shopping experience with Snapchat.social shopping experience with Snapchat.


Nicole Blanckenberg

Nicole is a content writer at StoreYa with over sixteen years experience and flair for storytelling. She runs on a healthy dose of caffeine and enthusiasm. When she’s not researching the next content trend or creating informative small business content, she’s an avid beachgoer, coffee shop junkie and hangs out on LinkedIn.



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